Sunday, August 14, 2011


"Eat, my child!"
   The minute hunger announces itself, do you feel you need to quickly satisfy it with food? Are you conditioned from childhood- hearing your inner-Mommy voice saying, "You're hungry? Eat, my child!"
You don't have to listen to that voice in your head or to your stomach rumbles. How about a new soundtrack for your mental tape recorder:  "EMBRACE HUNGER!"
We are blessed to live in the United States of America; food is just around the corner AT YOUR NEXT MEAL or PLANNED SNACK. What's wrong with a little hunger? We might even be losing a few ounces as we ignore the hunger signs and look forward to our next eating assignation. 
I'm not advocating skipping meals or going hungry in order to lose weight; that’s often a disaster. I'm campaigning for a new approach to hunger. If it isn't "time to eat" your meal or planned snack- ignore it. You won't die, promise. You will likely forget about it in as little as ten minutes if you divert your attention to something else. (See 10 Minute Rule Blog - 1/10/11)
For religious reasons, I fast about six times a year- sometimes for as many as 25 hours (no water, no food). I’ve figured out that I’ve fasted well over 200 days (over 37 years) with no long lasting effects. Actually, each time I fast, I realize how much more I can do with my day when food isn’t holding center stage- an  added bonus. While fasting, I experience the uplifting reward of conquering food temptations when my motivation is high. It's amazing what a little motivation can do for your goals.
I’m not advocating fasting- I’m advocating, campaigning, and cajoling you to ignore your inner-Mommy- voice that has conditioned you to think that it is a bad thing to be hungry. It’s really not so bad.
When I’m strict on my weight loss program, I often stop eating after dinner time (I like to brush my teeth and just stop eating). I often “go to bed hungry!” But I like it. I’m used to it; I've conquered it. I know it is helping me. And I won't even know I’m hungry once I’m asleep.
           Weight Watchers teaches us new habits- a change of lifestyle for success. Planning snacks for your anticipated "hungry" times is a good defensive move. But- to condition yourself to a little hunger here and there- this can be a good thing.

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Leader Laurie said...

As I was sitting in synagogue yesterday- I felt HUNGRY! But because I was in the midst of drafting this blog earlier in the week, I embraced my hunger and ignored it. Sure enough, those little stomach rumbles went away in a few minutes. I approached lunch time with an appetite to enjoy my meal, happy that I ignored a little hunger.
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