Sunday, October 16, 2011

Depending on WILLPOWER

The Halloween candy appears in the aisle starting in September. Hmm. Do we need so much time to prepare for the big sugar fest? What happens to you if you have enticing candies available in your home?
     According to the authors of the new book, Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength, you don't want to employ your WILLPOWER too often.
     I was impressed with the experiments quoted in the book. Basically, the authors prove that we don't want to use our WILLPOWER except as a last resort. You don't want to have to DEPEND on it to get you through a diet or maintenance.
     How do you succeed? You use the TOOLS and TRICKS that Weight Watchers teaches you. Only through setting yourself up for success can you lessen the dependence on Willpower. 
     The authors actually suggest many of the tools and tricks that we teach in a Weight Watchers meeting! There is no magic. (Darn!)
     Willpower is like a muscle; the more you use it, the stronger it gets. Just don't rely on it more than you need to. Set yourself up for success. If you don't know how- stay for your Weight Watchers meetings and watch and listen to those who do.

Have an Easy Halloween. Set yourself up for success.

  1. Don't go candy shopping till the afternoon of Oct. 31st.
  2. Don't buy candy you like.
  3. If you can think of something besides candy to give away, buy that instead.
  4. If you must have a candy, plan ahead and have just one.
  5. And keep the WILLPOWER for emergencies!


Nancy's Blog said...

Thank you so much for posting this, Laurie -- especially your understanding of what Willpower is and isn't -- as well as your checklist for readying for Halloween. Your members are lucky to have you.

You and I are on the same wavelength with sugar this week, and I will forward your blog link in my own newsletter. Historically, wars have been fought over sugar. Check out this link!

Some of us can eat just one piece of candy. Others, myself included, can't even have that first bite, because we're already anticipating the second. I am giving away tiny containers of play dough for Halloween, at the advice of a friend. They are sitting on top of my refrigerator, and I realize I am grateful not to be tempted to open even one!


Nancy's Blog said...

A P.S.:

I have discovered Blue Agave syrup as an organic substitute to many types of sugar which I personally cannot consume without going into an eating dive. From experience, I know that white sugar, brown sugar and even honey, as well as chemical alternatives such as aspartame, are triggers for me -- although I am very aware this is not true of all WW members.

I'm curious what others who are reading this blog have found as sugar alternatives.

leaderlaurie said...

I use stevia. You need to experiment to get it right. I had a terrible reaction to aspartame- aspartame poisoning, I believe. I have also heard from health professionals that they see people lose weight when they GIVE UP artificial sweeteners.

Has anyone tried Vitamin Water ZERO? Or Zevia Pop?

leaderlaurie said...


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