Sunday, January 1, 2012

Believe to Achieve- featuring Alan Deutschman's book: Change or Die

Today is Jan. 1, 2012. I'll bet that the first of the year is when the fewest calories are consumed because so many folks are "starting a diet."
Yet, how many will continue with their good intentions?
 I have been a student of motivation, trying to figure out what actually gets people to reach their dieting goals and what works to keep it off. Through my coaching studies, books I have read over the years and lessons learned from my members, I am much closer to figuring out this confusing conundrum.
Yesterday I devoted much of the day to reading a fascinating book called Change or Die, by Alan Deutschman. He explored what makes people change. He starts out with an interesting statistic. When a doctor tells ten people that they will HAVE to change lifestyle habits such as smoking, overeating, stress levels and/or exercise or die- how many people follow doctor's orders?
Would you guess about half? Would you believe only one out of ten! Only 10% of people with harmful lifestyles will change their lives to get healthier.
The first stage of change can happen when you connect with someone who believes you can change. YOU have to believe you can change and this is effectively executed with some kind of support.

  • AA works because you connect with successful people and those folks help others become like them.
  • Cancer patients are tremendously inspired by their support groups.
  • Weight Watchers works when someone values the group support and sees successful role models who are willing to share their proven methods.

Someone has to believe in you and YOU have to believe in you.
Weight Watchers' newest ad campaign for 2012 is Believe. Believe you can do it. It is also our meeting theme this week: Believe and Achieve. It is also the topic of the week in my coaching studies! (Self-esteem and Self-Efficacy- the first step is believing you can succeed before you figure out how to succeed!) I've concluded there really is something to all this BELIEVING stuff.
According to Alan Deutschman, after you believe and have found guiding help (what he calls "RELATE"), then what?
REPEAT: "The new relationship helps you learn, practice and master the new habits and skills that you'll need. It takes a lot repetition to master new patterns of behavior.... It helps tremendously to have a good teacher, coach or mentor to give you guidance, encouragement and direction along the way. Change doesn't involve just "selling"; it requires "training."
Interested in the third "R" from Mr. Deutschman? Read the following article and learn more about how change works.
I assume if you are reading my blog, you want CHANGE in your life or you are working to keep the weight off. Become a student of change- study it. Figure out what it will take for YOU to keep your weight off forever.
Right NOW can be the time you begin to create a new you. Recommit to doing what it takes and consider making your meetings a PRIORITY in your life. Connect with people who believe in you and will strengthen that belief in yourself. You can do it. I'm sure you can. 
     I believe in you.

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Nancy's Blog said...

Laurie, I so appreciate your review of Deutschman's Change or Die. We know how important meetings are for their support -- but this book supplies the research to back up this assertion. Powerful stuff. Thank you. ~~Nancy