Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Knowledge is Power! Get on the Scale!

Those that lose and maintain their weight often weigh themselves every day. Yes- we maintainers get on the scale EVERY day! Why? Knowledge is POWER.

Yesterday I got on the scale and it was up two pounds. What a bummer! My whole day could have been ruined. How many of you get bummed when the scale delivers bad news? (Too many of us, of course.) But I had knowledge- therefore, power. I knew I ate dinner late at night. Was my dinner salty? (Yes.) And the key that saved the day, even with a lousy weigh-in, was that I am still tracking. I knew I had a decent day of food choices and  a great day of willpower the day before the scale delivered the bad news. Aha! That number on the scale must have been a bonafide fluctuation.

I was happy to see that it was a fluctuation. I was down over two pounds this morning. Perhaps you are thinking that you fluctuate all the time. Generally, I don't. I pretty much can hold a steady weight for days. Right now though, I am trying to get back to my happy weight, thus I am track, track, tracking. As posted below, I am LOVING tracking because "knowledge is power." With a tracker, I know that I've been pretty good at staying on the wagon, so eventually it will pay off.

Knowledge is power. Recording your weight EVERY day pays off. You can see patterns emerging with good record keeping. If the scale starts ticking up, up, up, you know it is time to take action. The scale is your friend. Tracking is your friend. These are tools that help you stay the course.

Don't be afraid of the scale. It gives you knowledge...and that gives you power!

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