Sunday, July 17, 2011


Yesterday was my Sabbath. The Jewish Sabbath is sometimes called “an island in time.”
    We don’t use computers, phones, TV, cars and the like. We eat delicious food, visit with family and friends and of course, attend synagogue (by walking there) and study our holy books.
    My 25 hour Sabbath is not only a time to eat, pray, sleep- it is time when I am really able to THINK about what went on last week and how I can do better the next week. Since I’ve been struggling with keeping my weight at my favorite number, yesterday’s rest time gave me some energy and insights on what I am going to accomplish this week.
    First- let it be said that I decided NOT to make some of the family’s favorite foods for their Sabbath delight this week. Even after thirty years of (mostly) maintaining a happy body weight, I still don’t control myself with certain foods.
    Did you notice I didn’t say “can’t control myself with certain foods?” Of course, I CAN- it is just that I still DON’T!
    Every one of us needs to find what things we can handle and those that we don’t YET handle. Things we can’t handle: BE BANISHED! Things we can handle, pat on the back!
    This weight control effort is constant. It takes really knowing your strengths and weaknesses and dealing with what you can control.
    On Friday I employed our Weight Watchers tool: Ask For Help. I mustered up my courage and asked my husband to give away a box of his favorite cookies. When I bought them, I was strong, in control, sure that I could handle this temptation in my home. Baloney! Those cookies have been tempting me constantly. I was on the verge of eating a few when I decided it was time to get help. And you know what? It worked! Though DH doesn’t quite understand why one can’t control oneself when cookies are in the freezer, he was willing to help in the way I needed help.
    Know thyself. Not only do I think every Sabbath about what I can do better in the coming week, but I use every morning to meditate a few minutes on what steps I am going to take that day to have a good day. It is a constant challenge but with self-honesty, positive self-talk and using your noodle, you can overcome many a challenge.
    I challenge you to THINK every day about what worked the day before and what didn’t work. Meditate a few minutes as you PLAN YOUR DAY in your food journal or when you open your eyes after a good night's sleep. It’s not all about the food- it’s also about reflection and honesty.
    You can do it! See you at the meeting.   

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